Exploring the Impossible


With sleight of hand and mind-captivating illusions, Sheldon shares his own story of discovering magic in an awe-inspiring performance. Sheldon rolls fast-paced magic, audience participation, and a brief history of the most famous magician of all time – Harry Houdini – into one exciting and theatrical magic show.

Family Show (60 minutes)

Light hearted, highly interactive, and appropriate for all ages. The audience becomes a part of the action from the moment the show begins. Borrowed items vanish and reappear, inanimate objects are brought to life, minds are read telepathically, and people are called to the stage to perform impossible feats. Sheldon creates a uniquely engaging and theatrical magic experience.

School Show (45 minutes)

Designed to inspire while it entertains, Sheldon’s school show uses magic and storytelling to convey a personal and inspiring message about self-esteem, creativity and the benefits of life-long learning. Your students will leave with a heightened sense of wonder and understanding that anything is possible with curiosity, imagination and hard work.

Since 2009, Sheldon has performed at over 300 schools from British Columbia to Ontario. Book a show for your school today!

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